Space Only
Open Front
Open Front (Terrace) €130.00 per m2 $180.00 per m2
Open two sides
Open two sides (Corner) €140.00 per m2 $200.00 per m2
Open three sides
Open three sides (Peninsula) €150.00 per m2 $220.00 per m2
Open four sides
Open four sides (Island) €160.00 per m2 $240.00 per m2
Minimum 12m2

Shell Scheme Package

  • White wall modular stand structure
  • Facia boards
  • Storage area with lockable door
  • Carpet (choice of 3 colours)
  • 1x Power connector
  • 2x Spotlights
  • Cloak rail
  • Waste paper basket

€150.00 / $195.00 per m2

The Big Bike Europe stand space rate will include many of the extras and exhibitor "creature comforts" that are either charged for elsewhere, or simply not available.

At this time such initiatives are planned to include:

Inflation: From 2014 onwards all rates (full and discounted) will be adjusted for the year ahead based on the ECB official inflation rate as at June each year.

Volume Discounts

Additional Discount Options

Space only, in sequence, as applicable.