Local, National & International Press

A consumer press relations and advertising program worth 200,000 euro will be launched a year from the first annual Big Bike Europe, based on a strategy to reach the show attendance target market.

The 100km radius around Essen boasts a total population of some 18 million consumers, in a region that is famous for having one of the highest levels of motorcycle ownership in Europe.

Therefore (with backing from Messe Essen's own in-house public, press relations and marketing departments) a sophisticated program of local and regional consumer outreach will be undertaken - one that will include print, broadcast and online media promotional and marketing opportunities.

Essen is positioned right at the heart of Europe's large displacement motorcycle market - a huge percentage of Europe's 500cc plus motorcycle registrations (and the dealers who sell them) are within a three-hour riding distance of Essen.

Therefore an advertising and press relation program will also be launched in the specialist custom, performance, tuning and mainstream motorcycle media, (both in Germany and internationally) to market the unique range of features and rider-friendly initiatives that Big Bike Europe will have to offer.