Big Bike Concept

Large Displacement Motorcycles

The shows, events and expo scene in Europe divide into three primary kinds of events.

There are the summer outdoors rallies, shows, parties and events; there are the trade association owned OE motorcycle manufacturer dominated annual or biennial expos. Finally there is whole slew of specialist events, from dealer shows to custom shows, from races to dirt bike or other specialist that are mostly national in nature (as opposed to international) and tend to be ones who 'speak to their tribe', but are not specified primarily to meet the needs of their exhibitors.

None of the motorcycle events in Europe have ever been devised from the outset to meet the specific needs of the parts, accessory, performance, custom, workshop and tuning sectors, on an international basis, and in the context of a market analysis that is focused on the sector of the industry where the bulk of those exhibitor's business and profits come from.

Well there is one now!

Big Bike Europe is entirely focused on the large displacement motorcycle market (500cc plus) which is one where the biggest share of the value and volume of rider spend on parts and accessories, performance and tuning, customizing and servicing is to be found.

Big Bike Europe will do what it says on its can - it will be an international Expo that will offer an environment that is focused on the business proposition of its exhibitors.

It will be an Expo that provides large displacement riders with a smorgasbord of choice and interest.

It will be a show with WOW! Factor. It will be a show that redefines 'the tribe'.

Workshop Revenues

There are many ways in which motorcycle dealerships make money. It is often assumed that motorcycle sales, whether new or pre-owned, whether as a franchise dealer or an independent, are the most significant.

Whilst the sale of machines is certainly important, the declining levels of new motorcycle registrations seen in Europe since 2000, and especially in the post 2008 apocalypse of the 'credit crunch', it is the motorcycle workshop which has been exposed as the most critical area of dealership activity.

With the price points in the apparel and helmets sector under ever increasing pressure and with motorcycle sales ever harder to depend upon, parts and accessories sales and all the activity that the motorcycle workshop embraces, have become an ever increasingly important aspect of the dealership's ability to trade profitably.

Big Bike Europe is the first ever international motorcycle industry Expo to be dedicated to all the activity that takes place in the workshop. From parts and accessory sales and fitment, to servicing, from the ever increasingly sophisticated equipment that is needed and tuning techniques that are available, to maintenance, repairs, restorations, performance upgrades, and handling improvements.

From bolt-on customising right through to major make-overs, conversions, stunning ground-up custom bike builds and high performance machines for the street, strip or circuit, Big Bike Europe is the new European headquarters Expo for everything that the motorcycle workshop means to our industry, our dealers and our highest mileage, highest spending customers.